Grab Some Friends

           Choose a Goal

                Do Something that Matters…


                         …One Tiny Step at a Time

You’ve got some goals, right? Maybe even a dream or two kicking around?

What if, instead of struggling alone, you had a team of people to  cheer you on, brainstorm with you, provide some accountability?

Would it make a difference?

You bet it does.


Wayfinders works because it uses the most overlooked resource on the planet: each other.

I’m Darreby Ambler, procrastinator and  perfectionist (in recovery). 






It was 2009 and I’d been trying to finish a children’s book for years; the perfectionist in me just couldn’t stop fooling with it.  Desperate, I gathered some good  friends into my living room for an experiment: what if we each brought a goal we were having trouble with,  and helped each other?  To our delight and astonishment, it worked! 

Finishing my book was great, but even better? Watching my friends get excited helping each other get hard stuff done.  And we did it right in the middle of our busy lives.  

14 years and 47 teams later I have refined a program that has helped hundreds of  teammates do more than they ever thought possible. Today, Wayfinders has two homes:  as a congregation-based ministry in the Episcopal Church, and as a secular program in my downtown Bath, Maine studio.


Wayfinders  is an  in-person program that 5-6 people do together over 2 or 3  months, in company with a trained Wayfinders facilitator. 

It’s in two parts:

A weekend retreat where you and your teammates will take a good look at your own gifts and dreams, sort through possibilities, and choose  a great goal, one that excites you. 

The retreat is followed by 8 tightly-structured action meetings where you’ll bring that goal to life with all the  support, brainstorming, humor, and accountability it takes.