“The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness, and the world’s deep hunger, meet.” Frederich Buechner


Darreby Ambler is the founder of Wayfinders and has launched 41 Wayfinders teams since 2009.  She’s led teams in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine as well as for the Diocese of Colorado, the Diocese of Western Massachusetts, the Hyde School, Morse High School (Bath), and the Bath Housing Authority. She has worked with people of varied ages, faiths, and circumstances: high-schoolers, artists, nurses, retirees, young moms, teachers, doctors, custodians, engineers, writers, small business owners, a former aircraft carrier captain, and an actual rocket scientist.

Her work has confirmed time after time that no matter who we are, God created each one of us for a reason, and whatever that divine spark is, we owe it to the world to bring it to life.

She has a BA from Princeton, and has worked as a writer, teacher, and journalist.  She currently serves on the Commission on Ministry for the Diocese of Maine. Her husband Michael is an Episcopal priest and they live in Bath.

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