Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” St. Catherine of Siena

My Mission is to help you find YOURS.


Darreby Ambler is the founder of Wayfinders and has launched 41 Wayfinders teams since 2009.  She’s led teams in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine as well as for the Diocese of Colorado, the Diocese of Western Massachusetts, the Hyde School, Morse High School (Bath), and the Bath Housing Authority. She has worked with people of varied ages, faiths, and circumstances: high-schoolers, artists, nurses, retirees, young moms, teachers, doctors, custodians, engineers, writers, small business owners, a former aircraft carrier captain, and an actual rocket scientist.

Her work has confirmed time after time that no matter who we are, God created each one of us for a reason, and whatever that divine spark is, we owe it to the world to bring it to life.

She has a BA from Princeton, and has worked as a writer, teacher, and journalist.  Her husband Michael is an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Maine, and they live in Bath.

The Story of Wayfinders (and Brownies)

Once I spent 8 years trying to write a book.  I just couldn’t finish it.

Desperate, finally, I asked some friends if they would try an experiment: what if everyone figured out one thing they really wanted to do, and then stuck with each other as they tried to get it done?

I promised brownies.

And they turned up.

The first night, we shared our goals, goals some of us (like me) had been chasing for years. One wanted to find a way to travel for a year with her family. Another wanted to start a homemade chili ministry. Another wanted to take an instrument she’d been given, a lap dulcimer, out of the closet and learn to play it. Another, like me, was a writer looking for accountability.

We each figured out some next step, some one thing we could do to get started, and committed to do it in the coming week. We figured even if the step was tiny (“just open the closet door and LOOK at the dulcimer”) it was more progress than we’d been able to make on our own.

At the second meeting, we poured through the door full of news about our steps. Abbie had phoned one piano teacher. Barb had floated the idea of a sabbatical to her husband. Linda had, in fact, peeked at the dulcimer (and then closed the door again). These tiny triumphs made us smile, and we realized how fun it was to have other people celebrate with us when we made progress. We chose new steps for the next week, and kept going, working on our steps during “real life” between meetings. 


The wonderful ones who turned up

We were delighted as first one of us, then the next, then the next, began to bring her goals to life. Even when one of us hit a big obstacle – you don’t tackle big dreams without big obstacles –  somehow the encouragement, gentle nudging, humor and accountability kept her showing up each week and making progress.

Even now, I’m floored by what we eventually accomplished together. Kim started a local food truck to feed the hungry. Deborah got the courage to write and give a sermon she always had in her. Linda played a Christmas carol for us. Eventually (it would take two more teams of support for me!) I finished my book.

All this from a few neighbors in my tiny town of Bath, Maine, sitting around a table, talking about what they cared most deeply about. And then making a plan. And then cheering each other on as they took small steps to bring it to life.

I was inspired to create my ministry, first called Dream Teams, now Wayfinders. Since 2009. I’ve launched 41 teams  in Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, Virginia, and my own home state of Maine, always refining the program as I go to reflect what my 191 (at last count) Wayfinders have each taught me.


Ready to learn more? Drop me a line and let’s get the conversation started.

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