The Story of Wayfinders

The wonderful ones who turned up

Once I spent 8 years trying to write a book.  I had a tottering stack of writing technique books, but my breakthrough book wasn’t a writing book at all. It was called Teamworks, written by a warm and wise lady named Barbara Sher. She acknowledged the difficulties inherent in doing hard things alone, and told you how to assemble a team to help you do it.

Inspired (and desperate), I asked some friends if they would try an experiment: what if everyone figured out one thing they really wanted to do, and then stuck with each other as they tried to get it done?

I promised brownies.

And they turned up.

I was floored by what we eventually accomplished together. One started a local food truck to feed the hungry. Another got the courage to write and give a sermon she always had in her. A third travelled to India to meet girls who had been rescued from brothels – and went on to establish a non-profit to fight human trafficking. I even finished my book.

All this from a few neighbors in my tiny town of Bath, Maine, sitting around a table, talking about what they cared most deeply about. And then making a plan. And then cheering each other on as they took small steps to bring it to life.

I was inspired to create my ministry, first called Dream Teams, which then became Wayfinders a few years later. Since 2009. I’ve launched 36 teams  in Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, and my own home state of Maine, always refining the program as I go to reflect what my 166 (at last count) Wayfinders have each taught me.

I have worked with people of varied ages, faiths, and circumstances: high-schoolers, artists, nurses, retirees, young moms, teachers, custodians, writers, small business owners, people who don’t have an extra dollar in their pocket and people with plenty to spare, and, to my delight, an actual rocket scientist (shout out to Bill H!).  My work has confirmed time after time that no matter who we are, God created each one of us for a reason, and whatever that divine spark is we owe it to the world to bring it to life.

I have a BA from Princeton, and have worked as a writer, teacher, and journalist. I am a small-town Mainer, the wife of an Episcopal priest, and the mother of 3 remarkable dreamers. I’m also a hard core nerd who constantly battles an addiction to the internet, eats Blizzards at Dairy Queen twice a week, and has trouble being patient when I haven’t had enough sleep. Why am I telling you this? To blast the myth you have to have it all together to live the life you were created to live. You can move mountains just where you are.  With that bad temper you are trying to control, that streak of insecurity a mile wide, and your addiction to reality shows. Really.

I welcome your questions. In fact, I LOVE them. Please drop me a line at darrebyambler @gmail. com.