Where is God calling you next?
Hi, I’m Darreby Ambler and I created Wayfinders to give people of faith a simple and effective structure for discerning, and then taking, the next few steps on their path. In Wayfinders, you’ll go on a retreat to listen to where God might be calling you next. At the end of the retreat, you’ll choose a goal (see some here) that comes out of that discernment. Then you’ll take your first steps toward bringing that goal to life.

Wayfinders has a secret ingredient: your very own support team to give you accountability and encouragement as you take those steps.

Way finders is free, is fun, and builds tremendous friendships among teammates as they help each other become a bit more the people God created them to be. Everyone is on a different part of their journey. Where might God be calling you next?

A Wayfinders Team might look like this:
St. Bart’s Yarmouth Wayfinders Team
Or this:
St. Ann’s Windham Wayfinders Team
Two teams together might even look like this:
The Kennebec Valley Wayfinders Teams
Wayfinders was blissfully affordable and totally ”implementable.” The idea of finding out where my passion and God’s calling intersect is staggering.

Pat L., Diocese of Colorado