The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness, and the world’s deep hunger, meet.

Frederick Buechner

For Clergy

Let’s talk about how my ministry can support yours.



What does Wayfinders bring to your church? 

Wayfinders brings a low cost, on-site discernment process to any person of faith in your congregation. 

  • It helps each person take seriously that God is moving in their life, and gives them a way to listen for God’s voice.
  • Then it provides them ongoing support to follow where God is calling.
  • Most importantly, it helps people connect what they think and talk about on Sunday with the rest of their lives.


Who is Wayfinders for?

Wayfinders is for any person of faith looking for where God is moving in their lives. It is especially helpful for people in your congregation who are going through a big life transition (graduation, retirement, widowhood, empty nest, job loss, new in town, or anyone who feels a little “drifty.”) People also join to deepen relationships with others in their church.

Wayfinders  helps the stuck get unstuck, renews people’s spiritual excitement, and creates deep fellowship among teammates. 

A Wayfinders  team is like a small “spark-plug” in your congregation!



I TRULY BELIEVE that small group faith-sharing is where the essence of our faith in Christ is realized and can grow. The Wayfinders process is a wonderful way for folks to come together and share their stories, struggles, and dreams all at the same time. Darreby is a master at bringing a small group together, affirming the gifts and talents of the participants and then inviting all to see where God is leading them in the future. I highly recommend Wayfinders.

The Rev. Tim Higgins,  St. Ann’s Church, Windham

WAYFINDERS IS A WELCOMING Christ-centered gathering for all who want to kindle a spark of inspiration in their lives. Darreby Ambler’s gifts for deep listening, engaging enthusiasm and trust-building provide a roadmap for those who are hoping to explore new pathways. If you are wanting to try something new in your life and long for a caring circle of support, we at St. Columba’s Church wholeheartedly encourage you to grow into Wayfinders. 

The Rev. Maria Hoecker,  St. Columba’s, Boothbay Harbor

How much does Wayfinders cost?

Wayfinders runs on a shoe-string to make it available to people of all income levels.

I charge no fee to lead a team. There is a $40 per person charge to cover materials for the retreat weekend – and we potluck meals to further keep costs down.

If  your congregation is more than 30 miles from Bath, I ask reimbursement for travel expenses at the standard mileage rate.

What does Wayfinders need from clergy?

Wayfinders is a pastoral ministry to individuals, not a program for the congregation as a whole.  Much like EFM (Education for Ministry), Wayfinders runs alongside of regular congregational programming.

The 2 key things it asks of the clergy are:

  • Some initial collaboration with me to identify and recruit good candidates for this discernment work

  • Continued prayer for the teammates as they bring their own callings to life.

Ready to learn more? Drop me a line and let’s get the conversation started.

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