Darreby is a master at bringing a small group together, affirming the gifts and talents of the participants, and then inviting all to see where God is leading them in the future.”

The Rev. Tim Higgins, St. Anne’s, Windham, ME              

Where is God calling you next?

Every day, God is calling you to new adventures.

I created Wayfinders to help you figure out your next adventure, and then take it – right in the middle of your busy life. 

How it Works: 

First we gather some teammates  

In Wayfinders, we call your teammates your “secret weapon.” They are there for listening, support, ideas, accountability, and the occasional chocolate chip cookie.

Once you choose a goal, they will be there with you every step of the way.

Next, you’ll go on a weekend retreat together, asking yourselves:
“Where is God calling me next, at this particular moment in my life?”

You’ll start out by asking BIG questions, designed to open you up your imagination and see possibilities.

Some of the clues to look for:

*Your gifts  – which ones do you love to use?

*Your hopes and dreams – might God have planted a dream in you for a reason?

*Your circumstances – is this a “big adventure” time for you, or a time for something quieter?

*What you are hearing in prayer and from your teammates

God scatters all sorts of clues – sometimes big, jazzy ones –  through your life. If you’re having trouble (particularly seeing your own gifts) your teammates will help you find them.

You’ll sort through all those clues and take it up in prayer.

Then you’ll choose a goal – an offering to God.

It might be something as big as writing a book or starting a new ministry, or as down-to-earth as bringing some much needed Sabbath time into your life.

The size of the goal doesn’t matter – just that it seems to be God’s next step for you. 


 Then you’ll set out to bring that goal to life, one small step at a time. 

“Wayfinders helped me connect Sunday  with my ‘real’ life.” 

Don L.

“Like a prayer team with a purpose! Darreby’s excitement and love are contagious!” 

Marie B.

Once you have a goal, you’ll outline a map of steps to get there, including many small “bites” to get you launched right away.

Then you and your teammates will set off to bring your goals to life, meeting every week or two for 8 meetings.

Every Wayfinders team is unique – but one thing they all have in common: they have FUN helping each other be the people they were created to be.

Ready to learn more? Drop me a line and let’s get the conversation started.

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