Is Wayfinders for me?

Wayfinders is for anyone who feels it would be valuable to take a deep breath, look carefully at their own gifts and circumstances, and listen for where God might be calling them next.  It’s especially helpful for people in transition, such as empty-nesters, recent retirees, or people who are new in church or in town. Instead of just drifting into your new life, you’ll take some deliberate time to ask God, “So what comes next?” and set off with excitement and purpose.

What is the structure of the program?

The program has two parts: a weekend retreat, which I lead, and 8 regular meetings scheduled at the team’s convenience every 1-2 weeks.


The amazing girls of the Hyde School Team Spring 2013

In the retreat you’ll spend a weekend with your team taking a good long look at where you are in life right now. You’ll discern your own particular gifts through prayer, written exercises, and in-team discussions. You’ll be listening for where God might be calling you next, and then fashion a goal in response to that calling. You will leave the retreat as a member of a cohesive, focussed team, each of you with a working goal in hand.

Afterwards, your team will have 8 meetings. In these meetings you’ll map out a plan, and take steps – big and small – to reach your goal.Your teammates will give you all the cheerleading, brainstorming, humor and gentle nudging you need….and you’ll do the same for them.

How much does being on a Wayfinders team cost?

My goal is to make this program available to as many people as possible. I charge no fee to train and launch a Wayfinders team.

There is a $30 materials cost for the retreat. Usually the retreat is non-residential (everyone goes home to their own bed at night), and to keep costs down we potluck for meals.

For groups that invite me to come at a distance (more than 30 miles from Bath, Maine) I ask for travel expenses.

I have no idea what my goal will be.  Do I have to have to have a goal in mind to sign up? 

Absolutely not. Keep an open mind, and let God lead you to a goal that rises from your particular gifts and circumstances.

What happens after the team is over? 

During the last meeting I’ll give the team several models that others have found work well.  Many teams continue to meet regularly – some for years. Others disband, having accomplished what they’d like.  Others re-configure with new members. Some teammates pair off and become long-term accountability buddies.

Whether or not you continue on a team, Wayfinders gives you a technique you can use for the rest of your life.