What kinds of goals do people choose?

The goal you choose in Wayfinders depends upon where you are in life.

Some people come to Wayfinders when they are on a wide and gentle part of their path, with lots of extra time and energy.

Is this you? Then you may be ready for a B.H.A.G. (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). Do you have a big dream that is calling you?

Some big dreams Wayfinders have achieved:

  • Finish what I started 40 years ago – and get my college degree
  • Start a non-profit to combat human trafficking
  • Finally write the book I’ve always had in me
  • Become a police chaplain
  • Launch a town-wide Kindness Day in the city of Bath, Maine. (Curious about what it looks like 6 years in? Click here and be inspired that this was started BY A TEENAGER)
  • Live in Tanzania part-time
  • Have a gallery showing of my photographs
  • Go on stage for the first time at age 80.
  • Quit my “indoor” teaching job to become a full-time camp director
But maybe you’re on a part of your Way that is steep, with very narrow margins (taking care of a sick relative, or bearing up through your own illness, for instance). If you are in that stony place right now, you may be called to a different kind of goal, a goal of rest and renewal.
Some R and R goals Wayfinders have discerned and achieved:


  • Take one day off of work every week
  • Re-kindle my love of singing and join a madrigal group
  • Find more joy in everyday moments
  • Train for a 5K and feel endorphins once again
  • Go on silent retreat
  • Find a way to pace myself and thrive while living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Develop a morning prayer and centering routine
Finally, you may discern a more down-to-earth goal. These down-to-earth goals may seem simple, but they often take a great deal of courage to face and follow through.
Some Down-to-Earth Goals Wayfinders Have Achieved


  • Find a good home for my late husband’s belongings
  • Track my expenses and live within my means
  • Walk regularly and eat well so I can get in shape to travel again
  • Find a way to earn 300 dollars so I can attend my daughter’s college graduation out of state
  • Get up the courage to host people in my imperfect, messy home and share love and food with them.
Fortunately, no matter where you are called, in Wayfinders you’ll have companions to help you get there.