Got a dream? Grab a friend!
Hi, I’m Darreby Ambler and I created Wayfinders to help people get hard things done by using the best resource on the face of the planet….their friends!

 In Wayfinders, you’ll join your friends for a weekend to take a careful look at your current circumstances, your gifts (you have many!), and your hopes and dreams. What is your next step in life? How can we help you get there?

You will leave the retreat as a member of a cohesive, focussed team, each of you with a working goal in hand (want to see some goals people have achieved?), a toolkit for when you hit obstacles, and a plan.

Then you and your teammates will set off to bring your goals to life, meeting every week or two for cheerleading, brainstorming, and the occasional gentle nudge. Wayfinders really works, because when it comes to doing hard things, having a team on your side makes all the difference.

Every Wayfinder has a unique bundle of gifts, and every team has a unique group of Wayfinders.
If you are feeling something is missing in your life, something that would add meaning and a sense of satisfaction then Wayfinders is for you. Wanda L.