WAYFINDERS in the Bath, Maine Studio

Got a Dream? Don’t struggle alone!

Wanna write a book? Quit your dead-end job and move across the country? Fight human trafficking? Or do something really revolutionary….like find some time to rest?

On a Wayfinders team, you and your teammates will help each other make your dreams come true because there is nothing – nothing –  like having a few kind people in your corner when you are working on something big, hard and/or scary. Wayfinders is fun, and it really works!


This is the first Bath Wayfinders team to begin since Covid! It has been our thrill to dream this team into a reality, and now we’re here!

Who we are:

Elizabeth Walker Facilitator

Elizabeth Walker, LCPC, is a facilitator, witness, and believer in the super-power of Wayfinders. She is an artist, a mother, a hearty companion and an expressive art therapist. She believes that our lives are our master work, and that hopefully our lives can reflect our most authentic selves in action. In addition to being a Wayfinder facilitator, she has a private practice in Brunswick, Maine, where she loves exploring mysteries and making discoveries with people on their paths. She knows she is here to remind people of the power they have inside themselves already, how to tap into it, and how to flow with it. 

Darreby Ambler Founder

Darreby is the creator and founder of Wayfinders, a Maine-based program that has helped hundreds of people do more than they ever thought possible. Wayfinders has worked for people of varied ages, gifts, and circumstances: high-schoolers, artists, nurses, retirees, young parents, teachers, farmers, doctors, custodians, engineers, writers, small business owners, a former aircraft carrier captain, and a (real!) rocket scientist.

Her work has shown her, time and time again, that the greatest and most underused resource we have is each other.

What to expect if you join us:


*A program that has been road-tested over 13 years, 47 teams, and hundreds of teammates!

*A book, The Wayfinders Adventure, which prepares you for being on the team, and is full of true stories from past Wayfinders to inspire your own journey.

*A retreat weekend where you and your teammates will take a good look at your own gifts and dreams, sort through possibilities, and choose a great goal~ one that excites you.

*A team (there will be 5-6 of you), who will be the best kind of new friends: friends who will listen closely to you, will help you figure out the right goal, will buck you up when it is tough, will give you gentle nudges when you need it, and will tell you you aren’t crazy for dreaming big!

*A workbook full of discernment exercises~ one that you can keep for powering future dreaming!

*8 two hour action meetings which will be scheduled over the weeks following the retreat which will give you the support, brainstorming, humor and accountability it takes to bring your goal to life!

*A set of road tested tools past Wayfinders have used over and over again for overcoming perfectionism and procrastination~ the two biggest threats to getting hard things done.

*A way of Mapping which helps break any goal down into small doable steps.

*An opportunity to do something great, hard, scary, and/or beautiful, right in the middle of your busy life.

*A technique that is fun, practical and effective that you will be able to use on all your future goals.


*A sense of deep satisfaction that comes from bringing your own gifts to help others’ dreams come true



Fee: $400.00

Retreat Date: September 28th-October 1st

Thursday Sept 28th  6pm-8:30pm (welcome potluck and orientation)

Friday Sept 29th   5pm-9pm 

Saturday Sept 30th   8:30-6pm (our long day)

Sunday Oct 1st   1pm-5:00pm 

Location: The Wayfinders Studio at 72 Front Street, Bath, Maine.

How to sign up/more questions:  email Elizabeth at ucmoons@gmail.com


Why Friends are Your Secret Weapon:
  • They see gifts in you that you can’t see in yourself 
  • They push you past your comfort zone
  • They help you face down old, destructive voices that are getting in your way. 
  • They reassure you that you aren’t crazy for dreaming big
  • They provide support and accountability every step of the way as you bring your goal to life.
  • They make it FUN!