“The structured process, team accountability and leadership helped me to work a breakthrough in my life.”

Michelle B.

Got a Dream? Grab Some Friends!

Wanna write a book? Quit your dead-end job and move across the country? Fight human trafficking? Or do something really revolutionary….like give up potato chips?


On a Wayfinders team, you and your friends will help each other make your dreams come true because there is nothing – nothing –  like having a few kind people in your corner when you are working on something hard and/or scary.

In Wayfinders, you and your friends focus on two great questions:

“What is your next best step in life?”


“How can we help you get there?”

Why Friends are Your Secret Weapon:

  • They see gifts in you that you can’t see in yourself 
  • They push you past your comfort zone
  • They help you face down old, destructive voices that are getting in your way. 
  • They reassure you that you aren’t crazy for dreaming big
  • They provide support and accountability every step of the way as you bring your goal to life.
  • They make it FUN!

How it Works

I offer two formats, depending on whether you and your friends already have goals.

Weekend Retreat PLUS Team Training

In the retreat you’ll spend a weekend with your team taking a careful evaluation of your current circumstances, your gifts (you have many!), and your big hopes and dreams.  Out of that discernment, you will each choose a goal to bring to life, one you are really excited about! 

You will leave the retreat as a member of a cohesive, focussed team, each of you with a working goal in hand, a tool-kit for when you hit obstacles, and a map for how to get there.

In this version of Wayfinders you will:

  • Develop an inventory of your gifts
  • Capture some hopes and dreams that have been on the back burner
  • Capture a list of future goals
  • Clarify a goal you want to achieve first
  • Learn how to make a map to any goal
  • Get 3 great tools to tackle internal obstacles (like fear and inertia)
  • Be given strategies to overcome procrastination and perfectionism
  • Be given a road-tested meeting structure for the team to use together
  • Be given a run-through practice meeting so the team is confident going ahead.
  • Make new friends/deepen old friendships
  • Learn a technique for getting hard things done for the rest of your life
  • Have fun!


Cost: $150 per teammate (minimum team size 4, maximum 6) plus travel expenses if you are more than 30 miles from Bath, Maine.

Team Training

Each teammate brings in a goal they have already set for themselves. It might be something big, like adopting a child, or something more modest, like cleaning out a closet. (The size of the goal doesn’t matter..just that it is something you want to get done.)

I gather with your team for 2 work sessions.

Session 1: : Goal Map and Tools (3  hours)

  • We create a map of steps for each goal, with lots of small steps (Go-Boxes) to get you started right away
  • I train you in some basic tools to crack hard obstacles (like procrastination, and perfectionism!).

Session 2: Team Training (3 hours)

  • I train the team in my road-tested meeting structure
  • We run a practice meeting so you are confident going ahead

Cost: $80 per teammate (minimum team size 4, maximum 6) plus travel expenses if you are more than 30 miles from Bath, Maine.

    What to do now: drop me an email with questions, and start thinking about which of your friend would make great teammates!

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