Jesus’ earliest followers described their faith as The Way. Following Christ means carrying his love to a broken world, a journey to give away every gift you’ve been given.

Another way to describe the Way is with a story – a true one.


Once upon a time a unique and beloved creature of God was born.


You were born into a unique set of circumstances, which would provide you with hundreds of formative experiences. You also came with many gifts to share with the world.

Though it was often hard to see Him, God was with you and within you the whole time.

As you grew up, lots of voices competed for your attention. The one that shouted “Do More! Run Faster!” or “Better Safe than Sorry” and “Whatever you do DON’T EMBARRASS YOURSELF.”

But occasionally you heard a very different Voice.

Instead of telling you to do more, get more, or be more, the Voice said that you are infinitely loved, just the way you are.

Instead of forcing you to pass a test, the Voice invited you to follow upon a Way.

This is a come-as-you-are invitation, with only two rules:


The rules seem simple, but they ask everything.

To take every gift of heart, soul, and mind you carry with you, open your pack, and share it freely with anyone in need….

And to keep following the Voice…..

This is the challenging, messy, exciting adventure God keeps calling us into: to listen, then to step out in faith. In Wayfinders, we come together to listen to where God is calling each of us next, and then help each other take our next few steps.