“Wayfinders is your best friend mixed with your kindest coach…and your alarm clock.”  

Arne Defosse, Windham 

What adventure is God calling you on next?  

Hey Mainers of faith! Imagine what it would it feel like to be excited to go to coffee hour (and not just for the coffee)!

…To be so close to 3 or 4 fellow parishioners that they felt like brothers and sisters in Christ (not just polite acquaintances)?

…To go on an adventure with God and your teammates, helping each other get good, hard things done in your real Monday-Saturday lives…and have FUN along the way?


“Darreby is truly skilled with facilitating and teaching this work. It is transformative beyond belief.”

Carol H.

I’m Darreby Ambler and I designed this adventure for you.

God calls us on new adventures every day.

I created Wayfinders to help you figure out your next adventure, and then take it – right in the middle of your busy life. 

First you’ll discern a goal, some new thing God seems to be calling you to (big or small).

Then you and your teammates stick together, helping each other bring those faithful goals to life.

How it works:
Wayfinders has two parts: a retreat weekend, and 8 follow-up action meetings

1) I will gather you and your teammates for a weekend retreat where we look for clues to where God is calling you at this particular moment in your life. There are so many!

You’ll be taking a careful look at your gifts, at any dreams you have kicking around, and at your circumstances – what can you take on right now?

I’ll be asking you the kind of BIG questions that open you up to new possibilities.
What might God’s dream for YOU be?

What gifts give you the greatest joy to use?

What breaks your heart in the world?

Is there something important you need to get done,  but  feel stuck?

What are you waiting for “permission” to do?

2. From that sorting, you’ll each choose a goal.
It might be time to go for a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (B.H.A.G.)

Writing a book, maybe, or starting a non-profit.

You’ll be astonished by what you can do with some accountability and support.

Or it might be time to tackle your paperwork, or start a new habit.

Is there an obstacle that is getting in your way?

You might even discover you just need to


What does rest look like to you?

Sometimes you are at a big moment in life. Sometimes you are in a quieter one.

Your goal will arise from your particular circumstances RIGHT NOW.

3) Your team will meet for 8 meetings, scheduled every week or two, to bring your goals to life.  

Some weeks you’ll get a lot done, others you’lll just take a small step or two. But your teammates will keep you on track with all the support, good humor, gentle nudging, and creativity it takes – and you’ll do the same for them.

This is a lot of fun – and it works! 

Wayfinders works because it uses the best resource God has given us.

Each other.

2 + 7 =

 Drop me a line and let’s get the conversation started.