What Alums say

As Christians, we are always looking to find ways to be closer to God. I have found that with my Wayfinders team. Through their support I have become closer to them and myself and therefore closer to God. Goals are much harder to achieve on your own. Team support is awesome. As they say at Nike, “Just Do It.”  Bruce Burnham

Like a prayer team with a purpose.  A.G.

Listen as Nancy tells her own story (Wayfinders was called “Dream Team” until 2015.)

It’s probably safe to say that most of us have asked the questions “What am I called to do?” and “What is God’s plan for me?” Well, if you want to explore the possibilities, consider joining a Wayfinders team and plan to have fun! Two months into our journey together, the six of us have been turned loose by Darreby to continue to share our individual pursuits, celebrating accomplishments as well as difficulties. Growing together in Christ is a wonderful experience. Getting to know each other in an intentional and spiritual way is truly a gift.   Tancy Mitchell

Listen as Jackie tells her story:

You do not have to have “lost your way” to benefit from an investment of time in joining a Wayfinders group. Your own personal cheering section, general support, and time to contemplate how you are using your life and how or if you want to use some of it differently are all benefits. None of us knows the portion of life given us. All of us know, at least to some degree, how to steer our life boat. Wayfinders encourages you to create a map and helps you read the compass.   Leigh Sherrill

If you are feeling something is missing in your life, something that would add meaning and a sense of satisfaction then Wayfinders is for you. Derek B.

Darreby’s evident love of this calling, and her positive outlook that Wayfinders has something to offer everyone, gives hope to each that they are not alone – and that a “dream” can be reached.  Marisa B.


Definition of “Wayfinders” – finding your way surrounded by caring and thoughtful travelers. We are all on a journey, why not share and encourage each other along the way with whatever means we can. It’s fun and a great way to add a new dimension to relationships.   Jackie Pinard

Is there anything you’ve ever really wanted to do but felt that you couldn’t? Maybe, like me, you still don’t know what you want to do when you grow up. Wayfinders helps you discern what could really make you happy, and then the group gives you the encouragement to follow through with that, whatever it may be.  Peter Hastings

The team retreat helped me to fully clarify what brings me the greatest sense of joy and accomplishment – photography. With the help of my strong and supportive team I was able to bring to fruition my goal of sharing my work with others. In early March I mounted a display of 25 of my images at my church. The response has been great!. More importantly, every time I walk into the church I am astonished that I was able to make my passion real. I would never have taken this risk without the support of my team. LC.

I’d been praying God to intervene in a real “lost” part of my life and he sent me the retreat. It was blissfully affordable and totally ”implementable.” The idea of finding out where my passion and God’s calling intersect is staggering. Thanks. Pat L.