What kinds of goals do people choose?

Wayfinders’ goals are as varied as they are, because everyone is on a different part of their Way in life.

Some people come to Wayfinders when they are on a wide and gentle part of their path, with lots of extra time and energy.

Is this you? Then you may be ready for a B.H.A.G. (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). Do you have a big dream God may be calling you to?

Wayfinders have discerned and achieved many wonderful BHAG’s:

  • Finish what I started 40 years ago – and get my college degree
  • Start a non-profit to combat human trafficking
  • Finally write the book I’ve always had in me
  • Become a police chaplain
  • Create and launch a town-wide Kindness Day
  • Live in Tanzania part-time
  • Have a gallery showing of my photographs
  • Go on stage for the first time at age 80.
  • Quit my “indoor” teaching job to become a full-time camp director.

But maybe you’re on a part of your Way that is steep, with very narrow margins (taking care of a sick relative, or bearing up through your own illness, for instance). If you are in that stony place right now, God may be calling you to a different kind of goal, a Sabbath goal of rest and renewal.

Some Wayfinders have discerned a goal to:

  • Take one day off of work every week
  • Re-kindle my love of singing and join a madrigal group
  • Find more joy in everyday moments
  • Train for a 5K and feel endorphins once again
  • Go on silent retreat
  • Find a way to pace myself and thrive while living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Develop a morning prayer and centering routine

Finally, you may discern God is calling you to a more down-to-earth goal. These down-to-earth goals may seem simple, but they often take a great deal of courage to face and achieve:

  • Find a good home for my late husband’s belongings
  • Track my expenses and live within my means
  • Walk regularly and eat well so I can get in shape to travel again

Fortunately no matter where you are called, in Wayfinders you’ll have companions to help you get there.